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We’re delighted to invite Lloyd Chapman from Loose Cannon Conditioning to jot down some words of wisdom on how we can do a REALLY EFFECTIVE home workout with just three simple pieces of equipment.

A Bell. A Band. A Box.

Lloyd has been a Coach and PT for many years, and has trained many Clients and Athletes with a whole range of backgrounds, sports and goals.

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Lloyd Chapman Loose Cannon Conditioning

An ex-professional cyclist, Lloyd knows the dedication and sacrifices that have to be made in order to be a winner. In his own works “It is tough. REAL tough.  Setting a goal, and achieving is amazing. Setting and goal and failing, does happen but you cannot let that stop you. Whatever your goal maybe, I strive to help you”.

We were lucky enough to meet Lloyd when Team GB elite marathon runner, Helen Davies was on the hunt for a Plyo Box.  Lloyd writes her Strength & Conditioning programme, and Fitt-BOX was the last part of the trio needed for Helen to continue to keep on top of her game and to maintain her training at home.

(Read about Helen and Fitt-BOX here).

So here goes ……


Finally, I’ve managed to get my backside to sit down with a coffee to get this blog down out there.

Even though we are now into…. god knows how many weeks we are into lockdown, and with the possibility of gyms and the like opening soon, I feel like this can be a game changer into your training.

The versatility of these three pieces of equipment is astonishing. Strength training, mobility, speed, power and stability work can all be achieved from such a small amount of equipment.

Now I’m hearing you all shout “I cannot get hold of any kettlebells FFS Lloyd!”, but you don’t need a huge selection. An 8kg can be enough. This is where you have to get smart with the bands and your exercise selection.

Moving from bi-lateral exercises such as a squat or a press up is a great place to start, try uni-lateral work (engaging primarily one side of your body to move resistance).

This will help with any muscular imbalances that you may have with the added spice of a stability and proprioception stimulus.

Bands can create extra tension through eccentric and concentric contraction phases of movements (eccentric causes muscles to elongate, concentric causes a muscle to shorten). They also increase the resistance as the exercise is performed as the band stretch.

Now for the box. Here is where a slight investment has to be made. Its not as storable as a Kettle Bell or Band but it does have it uses outside of training (A shelf for instance to put you KB on!). I have teamed up with Helen Wyatt from Fitt-Box. They have created a fantastic piece of work with their box and have several sizes available. I created my own box at the start of lockdown and will happily admit it doesn’t compare to the quality or finish of theirs. Not in the slightest. Head over to www.fittbox.co.uk for more information.

One thing to mention, If you are used to using plyo boxes correctly, it’s not always about height. It comes down to the user’s ability to move and produce power with as little effort as possible under complete control. It’s not just about the taking off, its about the landing too. Having good landing mechanics enables you to repeat the next movement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All of my Athletes and Clients now know the value of these pieces of equipment and I made sure I could source where ever possible to get them to make certain they are not missing out on quality training.

Coach Lloyd Chapman.


Find out more about Lloyd and Loose Cannon Conditioning here.

Lloyd is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks so much to Lloyd for sharing your professional opinion on home workouts!