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One more rep, one more minute

As another Team GB Elite Marathon Runners takes delivery of a Fitt-BOX we simply can’t miss this opportunity to talk about Hayley Carruthers. Hayley is a girl who is definitely not afraid of putting in hard work and her brilliance is shining through.  Plucky and courageous you may remember Hayley tumbling onto the ground not 2m from the finish line in London last year (2019), and then finishing the race by literally crawling over the finish line.

hayley carruthers, london marathon 2019

Hayley Carruthers London Marathon 2019

At that time Hayley had only be running 3 years (!) and it makes you wonder if she feels she has to work harder to prove herself by not coming up from grass roots, (in fact she was one day casually persuaded to go for a run by a good friend), but she has done that in abundance by admitting her mistakes and is now not far off National Treasure status!

In an interview with Women’s Running just after this heroic performance she said:

I was hoping to PB to get the world qualifying time of 2.31, but I think the way I ran wasn’t the most sensible. I started off too quickly and got carried away. I wanted to race against the best marathon runners in the world, and I have huge respect for the athletes who finished ahead of me. I’ve spoken to a couple of them today to congratulate them, I hope we can all work together in the future, to get faster together”

You can never have a bad race, there’s always something to learn from it. It’s made me more determined to improve and to carry on enjoying it.

Track Season

Shortly after London Hayley’s coach, Dan Robinson from Running with Wolves set Hayley up with a season on the track, something that Hayley had never had the opportunity to do coming to running later in life.  Stephanie Garstin documents this in a short film ‘A summer on the track with Hayley Carruthers’.

In this film you can still see the scars on Hayley’s knees from that heroic and infamous crawl over the finish line, but more importantly Stephanie follows what is literally, and can only be described as the epitomy of a roller coaster season as Hayley talks openly about battling anxiety and imposter syndrome. In fact, at times you see Hayley suffering so much that it’s a wonder she ever puts on her running shoes again; but under the watchful eye of Dan she blossoms into a really really strong runner, robust both mentally and physically.

With all the experience, Dan boosts Hayley, coaxes, listens and supports her – and with relatively little experience Hayley has no choice but to take a huge leap of faith to trust in him and to listen back.

After some real low points and real tears, towards the end of the film Dan has Hayley believing what he believed all along; work and fitness is not always the thing in the race …. and even when she thinks she fails ALL the work will go with her.  You could visibly see that Hayley was in a much different place at the end of what was a massively tough training block.

Running and Personal Best

Hayley proved this and took exactly what she needed out of the season getting stronger, faster and better and then ran a PB run in Valencia marathon 2019, finishing in an astonishing time of 2hrs 32 mins and 45 seconds, meaning that she will be again running for Team GB as part of the elite field in London 2020.

In Hayley’s own words “a marathon finds you out, but there is nothing that it can throw at me that I cannot be ready for

Keep on Hayley and continue to #runbrave.


Hayley has given Fitt-BOX a great 5* review on Trust Pilot.  See it here.

Featured image credit to Coops Run Photography.