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Plyometric Training

In a previous life, not too long-ago, part of my training had been on a plyo box in my local gym. Granted this was pre-lockdown, but as things were starting to change, I started thinking how beneficial it would be to have one of my own for home workouts.

I couldn’t buy one anywhere, and certainly not quickly and not without spending a lot of money.  My husband, James, offered to make me one; not that difficult considering he has a woodworking furniture business with a fully functioning workshop!

My own Exercise Box

Roll on a few days and we are deliberating over the best material, finish, heights, and the practicality of the box. Too big it would be too heavy, too small would it convert into beneficial training? In fact so much thought and effort was going into this little plyo workout box it became a fully-fledged lockdown project.

Courtesy of James, we had the benefit of some prototypes; one so enormous we both cried with laughter trying to get it through the door! I knew that one was not the one!

Plyometric Wooden Box

Phil is building his home gym and this bad boy is the perfect addition!

(Incidently, this has gone to my good friend Phil Sims and as you can see he uses it mainly for sitting! Sorry Phil!)

James handed me my dream box a few days later.   Together with Lauren Gregory PT, we designed a plyometric workout, based on strength, cardio and with moves beneficial for my first love, running.

Home Workouts and Keeping it Simple

That was it, I was HOOKED. I was regularly doing a complete range of exercises and getting a full body home workout. I could increase or decrease the intensity, easily change the height of the box (just by turning it over), and the time spent was up to me to fit in with my schedule. Best of all it wasn’t complicated.  A simple piece of gym equipment that was proving to be highly effective.

Wooden Plyometric Box

Post home workout sit!

The Fitt-BOX Love

From my own experience I knew that this single piece of equipment could be a godsend to so many.  In these extraordinary times of significant change – right now and beyond. I mean, who ever thought that the country would sell out of gym equipment!  And while we can’t do what I used to, let us find another way.

I also knew that we could supply a quality, sought after product, that didn’t empty your bank account right here in the UK. So, my own very much loved Fitt-BOX evolved from one single box into many Fitt-BOXES for more of you to enjoy!

Visit the link on our website to see our range of boxes www.fittbox.co.uk

And please follow us for news and exciting future updates on our services, and have a great day!

Helen 🙂


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