Wooden Plyo Fitt-BOX - fittBOX100% British made Plyometric Exercise Fitt-BOX |  Perfect for Home Workouts


The H Box – Wooden Plyometric Exercise Box (60cm x 50cm x 40cm)

£100.00 £75.00

Our British-Made Plyo Fitt-Box is a revelation in flexibility and durability. Perfect for home workouts, plyometric exercises and jump training that can burn fat and boost strength. Available in 3 sizes each box is manufactured in the UK using quality Birch Plywood.

Do not use the Fitt-BOX on a smooth or slippy surface that could potentially cause injury. Please test the stability of the box prior to use.

  • Made in the UK
  • Grade BB Birch Plywood
  • Use for home workouts
  • Use for plyometric exercises, jump training and strength exercises
  • Hand hold slots
  • Sealed to wipe clean
  • 3 sizes available
  • Bulk orders available
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Fully tracked delivery
  • Weight (approx) – 16kg