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When Ordinary becomes Extraordinary


Marathon PB’s are something that many runners have dreamt of, worked hard for and dedicated time too.  I know I certainly have done just that.


But, just imagine running your first marathon in a time of 2hrs 41 minutes, and then catapulting to elite status just two marathons later. JUST IMAGINE QUALIFYING FOR THE OLYMPICS, WINNING THE TRIALS AND RUNNING A PB – ALL IN THE SAME DAY!


Steph Davis made her marathon debut off the mass start in Berlin in 2018 running a phenomenal time of 2:41:16. Another mass start the same year in London she ran 2:32:38.  But the magic really happened a few months later in Valencia; another mass start and another PB finishing in 2:27:40 meant that Steph, was now not only in the top 10 UK Rankings but had run under the Olympic Qualifying time of 2:29:30 and was now officially an elite runner.


Back in January Steph contacted me about a Fitt-BOX.  Steph tells me about how her newly acquired Fitt-BOX helped her get there.


How has Fitt-BOX helped with your training?

With Olympic trials fast approaching and another lockdown announced, I purchased some weights and set up a turbo in the garage so I could continue my training without too much disruption. I was using chairs and coffee tables to do my steps ups and hip work but they weren’t really cutting it and I didn’t want to take any injury risks! The Fitt-BOX was the final bit of equipment that has made our home gym complete and safe! “

What are your 3 top exercises you will be using for Fitt-BOX for?

When I first heard of Fitt-BOX my immediate thought was plyometric training but it is more versatile and has many other uses! I suffered from ITB syndrome at the end of 2020 which saw me out of running for nearly 3 months! This was primarily linked to pelvic strength and mobility so during my rehab I was using resistance bands to do exercises focusing on hip abduction and adduction, and rotation. The Fitt-BOX has been helpful for me to progress to the next stage of my rehab whilst in lockdown and the gyms are closed. The aim of my next strength block is to continue to build hip strength and improve my pelvic stability. My top 3 exercises using the Fitt-BOX are:

  1. Weighted hip thrusts
  2. Single leg hip drops
  3. Barbell step ups

What would any runner get out of plyometric training?

I use basic plyometric exercises, such as bounding and skipping, as part of my warm-up routine before going for a run. As part of a workout routine any runner would really benefit from regularly doing Box Jumps, Alternate Leg Box Jumps and Runners Taps …. all of which Fitt-BOX lends itself to really well.

Eventually my own gym routine will incorporate some of these plyometric exercises on my Fitt-BOX that will help build power and speed and improve efficiency and stability.  


You can contact me for more information on Fitt-BOX at hello@fittbox.co.uk

Steph is pictured here on The Big Jim Box 70 x 54 x 42cm.  Follow Steph and her journey to Tokyo here ……  @steph_davis26