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Remember when home gym equipment was non-existent?

Leaving the gym for what I thought could be the last time in March I admit I was feeling rather deflated. There were rumours of an inevitable UK lockdown, and I must admit my husband was not keen on the idea of me spending time inside a “sweaty” gym (although personally I thought my local gym had never been cleaner!).

As I took the short walk home I began to think about how I could carry on training consistently and working out at home. I had been making some real progress and desperately didn’t want that to all go to waste. What equipment could I utilise, what would I need to buy…?

It didn’t take long, I mean you don’t really need much at all. I had been using a plyo box with great results in the gym for jumps, step ups and hops and they don’t actually take up much room, so I thought this would be the obvious place to start.

Plus, I could utilise it as a bench for rows, dips, bridges and core work.  I got straight onto Google thinking this would be an easy task, stick one in the amazon basket and I’d have it within a few days.

Team Up with Resistance Bands for your own Home Gym!

The Search Begins

NOPE. This wasn’t as easy as I had expected.

ALL GONE. There was nothing left in the UK, and as China had already closed for business stock was very limited, what was available was already hugely inflated in price.

But thankfully all was not lost.  Luckily for me, my husband is a furniture maker with a fully functioning workshop and the resources to make anything!   It wouldn’t be a big ask to get him to make one for me.

“James, will you make me a box say 60cm x 50cm x 40cm from plywood?”

“Er …… what for?”

“To work out on. I can do jumps, hops and step ups and then use if for ……..”

“Er ………what?”

And then Fitt-BOX

I soon got my lovely box. Then my friend asked for one. Then another friend. People of very different abilities and fitness levels were all finding the Fitt-BOX useful! Pretty soon I realised that, although simple, this was actually a very good piece of home gym kit that was sturdy and affordable, but more importantly would help people when they needed it most, to exercise and train safely at home’’. (I wrote a blog about it!).

After a glimpse of normality and settling into new routines, the loss of the gym a second time seems to hurt a little more as we now enter another lockdown.

Granted some of the social aspects of the pre-lockdown days have been lost but maintaining and possibly increasing physical activity levels now seems more important than ever before. While we all adhere to restrictions again there’s no doubt that physical activity has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

Fitt-BOX has become invaluable to those that have one.  And of course, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from a Fitt-BOX.  Team the box with resistance bands and kettlebells and it’s quite simply, a brilliant solution for home workouts.

Team with Resistance Bands and Kettle Bells

We Won’t Stop

Even though Gyms will reopen eventually, Fitt-BOX will continue making boxes for working out …. anywhere. These times will be difficult and turbulent, and we realise that for many different reasons some people will remain uneasy and apprehensive about visiting places. Fitt-BOX isn’t complicated, it’s a great solution, and really is one of the most valuable pieces of home gym kit you could have for training at home, in the garden or in the park.  A simple piece of gym equipment that has proven to be highly effective.

I am proud of Fitt-BOX, and to be able to help people. The feedback from Fitt-BOX customers has been fantastic, the boxes are well-priced, sturdy, they look smart and I’m pleased to hear that the customer service is excellent!  In these turbulent times when we’re all looking for a bit of certainty and reliability, if I can deliver just a little bit of that in the shape of a Fitt-BOX then I am happy.

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