Wooden Plyo Fitt-BOX - fittBOX100% British made Plyometric Exercise Fitt-BOX |  Perfect for Home Workouts

Yep, that’s right our wooden plyo Fitt-BOX is getting better and better.

Thanks to wonderful Hamilton Rand Ltd I have just taken delivery of a brand new shiny Branding Iron.

Plyo Wooden Fitt-BOX Branding Iron

Our lovely shiny new branding iron.

We decided to ditch the vinyl logo and go with the stamped version instead.  This will never peel off or indeed cause some sort of annoying distraction in the mid workout.

This means the box won’t look quite as it does on-line (yet!) but it will look better ?

There’s a lot to do over at Fitt-BOX HQ over the weekend, new resources and a competition are in the pipeline.  Keep following and liking our posts, we are extremely humbled and grateful of the support so far.

Have a great weekend all! 🙂